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Official NPORA Member # 58
Name: TheCrow
Location: Lebanon (Home) / Qatar (Current)
Vehicle: Pathfinder 2005 XE

2005 R50 model 3.5L engine 245bhp

We got Paty out of the dealership to my wife then when I took possession of her I discovered her off-road abilities and since then I have tackled various off-road terrains (Sand dunes, rocks, snow and mud)

In addition to off-road journeys I have gone with Paty on long cross border journey from Qatar to Lebanon and back a 5000 km journey. 24 hr non stop one way journey and she was ready for the various terrains from the open highways and the dry Arabian Gulf weather to the mountain roads and rainy / snowy weather in Lebanon.

Need I say more why I love my Paty that much , I have been the single owner since 5 years and now having 100,000 km on the clock yet no complain at all.

Paty has 2" OME suspension lift Running on 31.6" BF Goodrich A/T

ARB differential lockers

SFD 4" lift



Camping roof

tent 33” tires

.... and the list will go on and on